EUPATI collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders within the patient education and patient engagement landscape.

The different groups below contribute to ensuring that EUPATI continues to offer high quality training and education on medicines’ development to patients and patient representatives to enable a more systematic and meaningful patient engagement.

EUPATI Sustaining Partners

EUPATI is a public-private partnership composed by a collaborative multi-stakeholder representing patient organisations, not-for-profit, pharmaceutical industry and academic institutions. EUPATI’s strength is its community of dedicated and committed organisations and individuals who believe in its mission to support quality patient engagement through education. The partners’ list is continuously updated as new partners join.


The EUPATI Patient Expert Training Course graduates form the EUPATI Alumni, which is to encompass over 200 individuals by 2021. The Alumni represents different countries and disease areas and has demonstrated expert-level knowledge and understanding of the medicines R&D process. The Alumni is active in e.g. patient organisations and providing advice to industry, regulator and HTA partners. The Alumni is also engaged in producing and reviewing new course and toolbox content for EUPATI.

Friends of EUPATI

An important number of individuals have contributed to EUPATI in different capacities since its launch. These individuals are highly valued by EUPATI as they have committed their time and expertise for the benefit of our shared vision. The group includes e.g.:

  • Former Consortium Partners (incl. former Steering Group Members)
  • Former Ethics Panel Members
  • Former Secretariat staff
  • Non-Consortium Contributors
  • Advisors

Collaboration with other initiatives

EUPATI maintains several important partnerships with external actors in the patient engagement field. Some of these are listed below. In addition, EUPATI has close partnerships with national health councils and regulatory agencies (including the European Medicines Agency, EMA). EU-associated organisations, providing the opportunity for funding, such as IMI and EIT, are additional key partners for EUPATI.

European Patients’ Forum (EPF)

EPF has played a leading role in EUPATI since its inception and has hosted the consortium as a programme since 2017. Their leadership and commitment to EUPATI to date, its transition and support for the Foundation is a fundamental critical success factor for the future model. The EUPATI Foundation will continue to maintain a close relationship with EPF, as reflected in the governance structure.

Patient Focused Medicines Development (PFMD)

Under the EUPATI-PFMD partnership on patient engagement, PFMD coordinates and leads on knowledge generation, and EUPATI coordinates and leads on the development and delivery of education and training, which in certain parts is performed by PFMD.


Patvocates add tailored education to standardised EUPATI modules, targeting the same market. Patvocates is a social enterprise investing a percentage of its turnover in patient engagement initiatives such as the EUPATI Foundation.

WPP Health Practice

WPP Health Practice brings together the extraordinary people, expertise and technologies within WPP to fuel creative communications that make a difference to health.  We use creativity, data and technology to create laser-sharp narrative to motivate change. We build bespoke teams that mobilise talents from every aspect of health within WPP: including medical science, data analytics, health economics, Medical Education, medical training, behavioural science. marketing, PR, design and creative communications.

With over 4,000 healthcare specialists within in 21 countries with hubs in Europe, North America and APAC we connect some of the world’s best creative and strategic talent to inspire communications that improves health and helps our client meet their business goals,

EFPIA Patient Think Tank

The EFPIA Patient Think Tank is a forum for an open exchange of ideas, information and perspectives between Patient Organisations and industry on topical issues impacting on patients. EUPATI has a role as an Observer in the Patient Think Tank.

Testimonials from our partners

During the Patient Engagement Open Forum 2019, Lasse Funch Jacobsen from LEO Pharma has talk.ed about the advantages of being an EUPATI Sustaining Partner, the importance of Patient Education for industry and the benefits in engaging with a solid and experience public-private partnership like EUPATI.

For more information about EUPATI and on how to join this partnership, please visit contact us here.