The European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation is a public-private partnership and its governance structure reflects this spirit.

EUPATI is currently led by the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) as an educational programme. The intention is to establish EUPATI as a non-profit independent Foundation in the Netherlands in 2020. More information about the new structure will be posted here soon.


  • Board of Trustees
  • Sustaining Partners Assembly
  • Steering Group
  • National Platforms (ENP) Network
  • Secretariat
  • Advisory Committees

Board of Trustees

The future EUPATI Foundation structure will include a Board of Trustees. More information coming soon.

Sustaining Partners Assembly

The EUPATI Sustaining Partners Assembly (SPA) consists of all partners who have committed substantially to EUPATI through in-cash or in-kind contribution. A threshold on the minimum contribution of a Sustaining Partner in each cluster group is defined by the Steering Group. Sustaining Partners are regularly informed about the work plan, milestones, outputs and outcomes of EUPATI and are consulted on relevant issues related to the activities.

The SPA is chaired by the EUPATI Steering Group Chair and Co-Chair and is organised in four clusters of stakeholder groups:
– Patient organisations
– Industry
– Academia & NGOs
– National Platforms

Each cluster elects representatives and alternates to the EUPATI Steering Group which decides upon the strategic direction of EUPATI. The industry cluster also elects one additional individual as co-chair of the Steering Group.

EUPATI invites new members of all the different clusters to join the EUPATI, please contact us for more information!

Please click here to have more information about the SPA.

Steering Group

The EUPATI Steering Group sets the overall strategy and takes all major strategic decisions on the direction of EUPATI. It is chaired by a nominee of the EPF board and co-chaired by an industry representative nominated by the industry stakeholder cluster.

In addition, each of the following stakeholder groups, as represented in the 4 clusters in the Sustaining Partners Assembly, can nominate 2 persons to represent them on the Steering Group, plus 1 alternate for each person:

– 2 Patient Representatives
– 2 Academic / NGO Representatives
– 2 Industry Representatives
– 2 National Platform Representatives

Please see below the current EUPATI Steering Group composition.

EUPATI National Platforms (ENP) Network

The National Platforms Network (ENPs) consists of an agreed number of representatives of each of the EUPATI National Platforms that have been established. The National Platforms elect 2 co-chairs, which will represent the National Platforms Network in the Sustaining Partners Assembly and the Steering Group. In these committees, the chairs represent all ENPs, not only their country.

For more information on ENPs, please see here.


The Secretariat implements the decisions of the Steering Group, the annual work plan and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of EUPATI. It is led by the EUPATI Coordinator/Executive Director.

The team consists of:

– EUPATI Coordinator/Executive Director
– Operations & Grants Coordinator
– Training Coordinator – Content
– Training Coordinator – Organisation
– ENP & Business Development Manager
– IT Coordinator
Marketing and Communications Coordinator – to be recruited
Finances & HR – to be recruited

To find our more about team, please see here.

Advisory Committees

EUPATI has several advisory committees that contribute to the various activities:

EUPATI Editorial Board

The EUPATI Editorial Board consists of 5 members representing all stakeholders. The Editorial Board reviews all new or updated content for EUPATI Toolbox and Patient Expert Course (including all related e-Learning and Face2Face course content). They guarantee that EUPATI content is well-focused, consistent, understandable, accessible and targeted. They also advice the EUPATI Secretariat about any content that needs to be updated, e.g. due to regulatory changes. The Editorial Board signs off on all EUPATI content before it is released to the public.

The Selection Panel

The Selection Panel consists of representatives of all stakeholders, including a EUPATI Fellow. It reviews all the applications received for the EUPATI Expert Patient Course and makes a selection of the trainees who will participate to the course.

The Course Committee

The Course Committee consists of representatives of all stakeholders, including a EUPATI Fellow.  It contributes to the conception, development, and implementation of the face-to-face training events of the EUPATI Patient Expert Training Course.