EUPATI Essentials

The EUPATI Essentials Training includes modules for professionals that have already experience with patient engagement. The content builds on the EUPATI Fundamentals and looks at specific topics in more depth. These topics have been selected based on feedback from earlier Fundamentals participants. However, participants who have not completed the EUPATI Fundamentals training but have the relevant knowledge and experience are eligible to join.

The different modules of EUPATI Essentials can be taken independently of each other and in any order. They are delivered online and require 2-4 hours of participation. The training includes presentations as well as interactive elements and networking with fellow professionals.

  • Module 1 – Establishing a successful relationship with patients
  • Module 2 – Communication and cultural differences in the relationship with patients
  • Module 3 – Patient engagement with special patient populations
For more information on each module, please see below.
Enrol for Module 1 on 8 June 2023! Registrations are now open here. For any questions, please contact [email protected]

Module 1: Establishing a successful relationship with patients

Module 1 focuses on establishing successful relationships with patients. This module consists of core elements on how to develop a relationship with patients, how to manage expectations and how to set up the right framework.

Practical examples of how to identify the right patient groups and how to maintain contact are also discussed.

The training is codesigned and codelivered by industry and patient representatives.

This module will help you to understand the following aspects:

  • Core elements of a patient relationship;
  • Understanding patient and researcher expectations;
  • Identification of a task within a patient relationship;
  • Planning for patient engagement over the life cycle of a project;
  • Setting up the right framework;
  • How to apply this in practice:
    • Finding the right patient/patient group;
    • Initiating and maintaining contact.

Module 2: Communication and cultural differences in the relationship with patients

The Module illustrates basic principles in communication and the role of cultural differences It covers the following topics:

  • Different elements of a message;
  • How does awareness of these elements help in the communication between patients and the researchers;
  • Cultural differences (in communication);
  • How could cultural differences influence the relationship between patients and researchers;
  • Examples for cultural differences in patient engagement in general.

Module 3: Patient engagement with special patient populations

The Module focuses on the existence and the needs of specific patient populations like children, adolescents, and people with cognitive decline. The following topics are covered:

  • Key descriptions of different groups of special patient populations;
  • How to establish and develop contact with special patient populations;
  • Information about guidelines and supportive documents to help working with these groups;
  • Good practices and practical examples in patient engagement with special patient population.