Patient Engagement Trainings

In addition to patient education, EUPATI provides training on patient engagement for professionals from academia and pharmaceutical & medtech industries to ensure the acceleration of effective patient engagement in Europe and across the world in medicines R&D and other health technologies. EUPATI is committed to developing a strong foundation for a successful partnership with patients and patient organisations and all other stakeholders.

These trainings are mainly addressed to:

  • Academic researchers and representatives of research institutions/project consortia
  • Professionals/consultants working with pharmaceutical and medtech industries
  • Professionals in medicines R&D activities involving patients and patient representatives
  • Professionals interested in advancing their career in patient engagement

The trainings are:

  • Co-created and co-delivered by patients and experts from academia and industry
  • Structured around problem-based learning
  • Based on real-life examples
  • Accessible (online live streaming or face to face)
  • Interactive (group size limited to 25 per training)
  • Possible to combine with busy schedules (2 half-days or 1 full day trainings)

EUPATI Patient Engagement Trainings include:

EUPATI Fundamentals, EUPATI Essentials and In-House Trainings. Download a brochure here.


EUPATI Fundamentals

EUPATI Fundamentals is a training about Patient Engagement addressed to professionals in academia and pharmaceutical industry. EUPATI Fundamentals’ mix of practical and classroom learning guides professionals through the processes of engaging patients throughout medicines development providing a strong foundation for successful partnership with patients and patient organisations. The focus of the course remains basic knowledge about patient involvement with an overall introduction to standards and best practices, and a library of practical exercises.

The training is organised as a two half-days live streamed online training or a 1-day face-to-face training (if the COVID 19 situation allows this format).

    • Module 1: Principles of patient engagement
      Understand the reasons and benefits for patient engagement in medicines R&D
    • Module 2: Patient engagement roadmap
      Explain the needs and time points at which patient engagement should occur in medicines R&D
    • Module 3: Setting up a patient engagement activity
      Evaluate which types of interactions and patient profiles should be used at different stages of medicines R&D
    • Module 4: Quality criteria in patient engagement
      Identify and address challenges when operationalising patient engagement
For more information abour EUPATI Fundamentals, please see here.

For questions on the EUPATI Fundamentals training please contact [email protected].


EUPATI Essentials

The EUPATI Essentials comprises modules for professionals that have already experience with patient engagement. The content builds on the EUPATI Fundamentals and looks at specific topics in more depth. These topics have been selected based on feedback from earlier Fundamentals participants. However, participants who have not completed the EUPATI Fundamentals training but have the relevant knowledge and experience are eligible to join.

The different modules of EUPATI Essentials can be taken independent of each other, in any order. They are delivered online and require 2-4 hours of participation. They comprise presentations as well as interactive elements and allow for exchange with fellow professionals.

  • Module 1 – Establishing a successful relationship with patients
  • Module 2 – Communication and cultural differences in the relationship with patients
  • Module 3 – Patient engagement with special patient populations
For more information about EUPATI Essentials, please see here.

EUPATI Essentials Module 1 (Establishing a successful relationship with patients) will be organised online on 8 June 2023, 14.00 to 18.00 (CET).

Essentials Training Module 1 focuses on how to establish a successful relationship with patients. It consists of core elements how to develop the relationship with patients, how to manage the expectations and how to set up the right framework. Practical examples how to identify the right patient groups and how to maintain a contact are also discussed. The training is co-designed and co-delivered by industry and patient representatives.

Registrations are now open! For questions and please contact [email protected].

  • The training has been extremely valuable. I have learned a lot during these days and the trainers have done a great job!

    EUPATI Fundamentals Training Participant
  • This has been a great experience. The speakers were fantastic and their years of experience shone through.

    Sina Bugeja, ARAM (Arthritis and Rheumatism Association Malta), EUPATI Fundamentals Training Participant