Patient Engagement Trainings

Following the success in patient training, EUPATI is now providing education on patient engagement for all stakeholders, to ensure the acceleration of effective patient engagement in Europe and across the world.

To guarantee that professionals are meeting the expectations for a fruitful collaboration with patients, it is necessary to provide standardised training for professionals working in patient relations and engagement as well as those performing patient engagement. The existing lack of training opportunities leads to disproportionate amounts of on-the-job training, mix of different approaches and failing institutional and experiential knowledge transfer. Additionally, there is a lack of continuous professional development (CPD) for persons working in this field in order to advance their careers and improve their work practices and processes.

In addressing this EUPATI will ensure that in the future both patients and professionals have fruitful engagement that meets the expectations of all parties.

Advantages of learning with EUPATI

EUPATI Fundamentals

EUPATI Fundamentals is a training about Patient Engagement addressed to professionals in academia and pharmaceutical industry. EUPATI Fundamentals’ mix of practical and classroom learning guides professionals through the processes of engaging patients throughout medicines development providing a strong foundation for successful partnership with patients and patient organisations. The focus of the course remains basic knowledge about patient involvement with an overall introduction to standards and best practices, and a library of practical exercises.

The training is organised as a two half-days live streamed online training or a 1-day face-to-face training (if the COVID 19 situation allows this format).

    • Module 1: Principles of patient engagement
      Understand the reasons and benefits for patient engagement in medicines R&D
    • Module 2: Patient engagement roadmap
      Explain the needs and time points at which patient engagement should occur in medicines R&D
    • Module 3: Setting up a patient engagement activity
      Evaluate which types of interactions and patient profiles should be used at different stages of medicines R&D
    • Module 4: Quality criteria in patient engagement
      Identify and address challenges when operationalising patient engagement

The next EUPATI Fundamentals trainings is taking place online on 06 and 07 July 2021. The maximum capacity is 25 participants. More information, please visit here. For registration, please go here.


EUPATI Essentials (coming soon)

Based on the EUPATI Fundamentals, EUPATI Essentials will be taking the issues and practices of patient involvement a few steps further and will explore and explain the details of a few key areas in the work with patients and their organisations. These modules are under development and will be piloted and then implemented throughout 2021.

  • Module 1 – Initiating first contact with patients
  • Module 2 – Eliciting meaningful patient input
  • Module 3 – Engaging a patient centric vendor
  • Module 4 – Patient engagement roadmap and novel clinical trial designs
  • Module 5 – Conflict of interest for professionals
  • The training has been extremely valuable. I have learned a lot during these days and the trainers have done a great job!

    EUPATI Fundamentals Training Participant