EUPATI collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders within the patient education and patient engagement landscape.

The different groups below contribute to ensuring that EUPATI continues to offer high quality training and education on medicines’ development to patients and patient representatives to enable a more systematic and meaningful patient engagement.

Collaboration with other initiatives

EUPATI maintains several important partnerships with external actors in the patient engagement field. Some of these are listed below.

In addition, EUPATI has close partnerships with national health councils and regulatory agencies (including the European Medicines Agency, EMA). EU-associated organisations, providing the opportunity for funding, such as IMI and EIT, are additional key partners for EUPATI.

If you would like to collaborate us, contact us directly via [email protected] or our Collaborate portal.

European Patients’ Forum (EPF)

EPF has played a leading role in EUPATI since its inception and has hosted the consortium as a programme since 2017. Their leadership and commitment to EUPATI to date, its transition and support for the Foundation is a fundamental critical success factor for the future model. The EUPATI Foundation will continue to maintain a close relationship with EPF, as reflected in the governance structure.

Patient Focused Medicines Development (PFMD)

Under the EUPATI-PFMD partnership on patient engagement, PFMD coordinates and leads on knowledge generation, and EUPATI coordinates and leads on the development and delivery of education and training, which in certain parts is performed by PFMD.


Patvocates add tailored education to standardised EUPATI modules, targeting the same market. Patvocates is a social enterprise investing a percentage of its turnover in patient engagement initiatives such as the EUPATI Foundation.


VMLY&Rx is a global healthcare agency focused on Rx specialty pharmaceutical companies who are researching and developing breakthrough therapies. VMLY&Rx offers world-class brand building, experience marketing and healthcare-specific expertise.


EFPIA Patient Think Tank

The EFPIA Patient Think Tank is a forum for an open exchange of ideas, information and perspectives between Patient Organisations and industry on topical issues impacting on patients. EUPATI has a role as an Observer in the Patient Think Tank.

ERA PerMed

ERA PerMed is a funding scheme for the research area of Personalised Medicine. It is the biggest ERA-Net in Health, supported by 32 partners from 23 countries and co-funded by the European Commission. It seeks to align national research strategies, promote excellence, reinforce the competitiveness of European players in Personalised Medicine, and enhance the European collaboration with non-EU countries, national funding organisations have agreed to launch Joint Transnational Calls for collaborative innovative research projects in Personalised Medicine.

EUPATI and ERA PerMed collaborate around matchmaking and patient engagement, focusing on bringing patients as active partners into the processes of research and research funding strategies.