Finances & Transparency

The European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI) is a public-private partnership established in 2012 to provide education and training on medicines R&D to patients and patient representatives. In 2020, EUPATI was established as an independent non-profit foundation in the Netherlands (VAT  Number NL861533197B01, KVK Number 80029019).

How are we funded?

EUPATI is co-financed by in-cash contribution from industry partners and in-kind contribution from public partners, as well as fee-based services to ensure continuous education and reliable information for patients, patient representatives and the wider public. In addition, EUPATI receives funding in the form of projects/grants supported by e.g. IMI/IHI, EIT Health, EU4Health and EFPIA. EUPATI is also supported by organisational and individual donations.


The sustainability plan for EUPATI is based on a mixed business model with different interconnected funding streams serving to sustain the core EUPATI activities (The EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme, the EUPATI toolbox and the EUPATI National Platforms) and enabling widening of EUPATI’s scope. The objective is to have a balanced public-private funding base. 

Sustainability Pillars

Partner contributions

The ‘Co-financing’ of EUPATI provided by the private and public partners can take the form of both, ‘in-kind’ contributions, or direct financial contributions and can be provided on the central level (EUPATI International) as well as at the national level (EUPATI National Platforms). 

Fee-for-service trainings

Seeking to expand the scope of EUPATI to training for all stakeholders – including pharmaceutical industry, other health-related industry, academia, regulators and HTA bodies – EUPATI provides fee-for-service training/courses about patient engagement. The target groups are professionals working in a) patient relations/engagement management and b) in operational roles looking to engage patients.

Projects funding/grants

EUPATI participates regularly in calls for projects by e.g. IMI/IHI, the European Commission, EIT Health and  other funding bodies, and has several ongoing projects.  EUPATI’s role in these projects focuses on patient education and training. 


Fundraising is an additional pillar to generate revenue with a manageable investment. This includes general fundraising and activity-based crowdfunding.

Fee-based matchmaking

Via it’s matchmaking tool EUPATIConnect, EUPATI facilitates collaborative opportunities between academic research institutions, industry partners and EUPATI Fellows, other patients and patient organisations who wish to be involved in medicines R&D. 

Annual Reports

Showcasing the progress, highlights and achievements of the previous years as well as the commitment of our partners.


EUPATI reached a record-wide audience in 2023. The EUPATI Toolbox reached 1 million new users (7 million since its launch) and the Open Classroom was accessed by over 160,000 new learners. EUPATI’s Patient Expert Training Programme had the highest number of registrations of all time and 81 new Fellows graduated, which is the largest cohort since the launch of the Programme in 2015 (bringing the total number of Fellows to 330+).

These figures demonstrate the important and growing need for patient-friendly information & educational resources on medicines R&D and patients’ role in this process – and the EUPATI Impact Study shows that training makes a difference in how patients and patient representatives engage with other stakeholders.

Access the full report here. The official report for Dutch public benefit institutions (ANBI) can be found here.


2022 celebrated EUPATI’s 10th anniversary, the rollout of EUPATIConnect matchmaking tool and more EUPATI Fellows graduated resulting in 254 patient experts. A new training module on Medical Devices on the Open Classroom was launched as well as a new type of patient engagement training, EUPATI Essentials piloted. The EUPATI National Platforms network continued to expand and close connections with key collaborators within the patient engagement landscape were also re-established.  

Access the Financial Report including the Auditor’s remarks here and the official report for Dutch public benefit institutions (ANBI) here.


The EUPATI Partnership, the National Platforms, Alumni, network of Experts and Collaborators were widely successful in enhancing patient education and patient engagement in medicines R&D. A new group of EUPATI Fellows graduated from the Patient Expert Training Programme, an unprecedented number of learners joined the new Open Classroom learning platform, and a growing number of professionals took part in EUPATI patient engagement trainings.

Access the Financial Report here and the official report for Dutch public benefit institutions (ANBI) here. The independent auditor’s report 2021 can be accessed here.


2020 saw the establishment of a new EUPATI Foundation based in the Netherlands, as well the development of a new governance structure. Major changes were also introduced in the core activity of EUPATI, the Expert Patient Training Programme. An on-demand online learning platform, the EUPATI Open Classroom, was launched.



2019 marked the last year of the bridging period of EUPATI (EUPATI Programme 2017-2019). This report contains the main achievements of the Patients’ Academy as well as the list of our Sustaining Partners in 2019.


2018 marked the graduation of Cohort 3 of the Patient Expert Training Course. It was an important year to define the sustainability plans and action to be undertaken to ensure a long-term sustainability of EUPATI post-2019.


2017 is the first year of the EUPATI Programme, post-IMI project. It was a crucial year to define the work plan of this “bridging period” (2017-2019) and to build mid- and long-term partnerships.