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EUPATI Toolbox survey on the users’s experience

The Toolbox was launched in January 2016 and contains a library of information around medicines research and development. More than 5.5 million users have accessed the information on the Toolbox since its launch – in 13 languages.

The Toolbox is a free-to-use online resource. Users can find articles, infographics, webinars, videos etc. in the following subjects: 

  • Basics of Medicines R&D 
  • Clinical Development / Trials 
  • Drug Discovery 
  • Personalised Medicine 
  • Regulatory Affairs 
  • Benefit and Risk Assessment
  • HTA 
  • Pharmaceutical Development 
  • Safety of Medicines 
  • Non-Clinical Studies 
  • Pharmacoepidemiology 
  • Types of Medicines 

In order to understand the overall Toolbox users’ experience, EUPATI has launched a general survey to gather the feedback of any users who have come across the Toolbox.

Help us improve the Tooblox users’ experience by answering this short survey, the EUPATI team thanks you in advance !

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