EUPATI Open Classroom is expanding with the introduction of a Digital Health module

The European Patients Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI) has added a Digital Health module to its e-learning educational platform, the EUPATI Open Classroom.

The EUPATI Open Classroom is an on-demand, flexible e-learning platform which provides expert-level training in medicines R&D.

The EUPATI learning catalogue now includes Digital Health, adding to its existing modules on medicines R&D such as Non-Clinical Development, Clinical Development, Regulatory Affairs, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and Medical Devices. Digital health has become a fast-evolving field with the capacity for meaningful collaboration with patients. While this is still challenging, there is an emerging consensus that patients should be involved in the development of digital health. As a response of this growing need, EUPATI has developed this module.

What is Digital Health?

According to the European Commission, Digital Health and care refers to the tools and services that use information and technologies (ICTs) to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management of health-related issues and to monitor and manage lifestyle habits that impact health.

Learn with us

Learners now have the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into Digital Health while studying at their own pace. This module explores the following topics:

  • Digital Health Introduction, Classification and Impact
  • Digital Health Applications, Infostructure and infrastructure
  • Legal, Regulatory and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Concepts of Digital Health
  • Digital Health Transformations and challenges.

EUPATI, supported by EIT Health, established a multistakeholder approach for the development of this training module on Digital Health, ensuring different perspectives were represented. The content development process included EUPATI Fellows, academic representatives, Digital Health experts and other specialists in the Digital Health field.

‘ I helped in the content development process by reviewing it as whole and ensuring its consistency. This helicopter viewpoint allowed me to help merge the various perspective into a cohesive and consistent content. Digital Health is instrumental in giving ownership to the patient. It took me 14 years to get my multiple sclerosis diagnosis – or until I had an MRI ‘ – Joan Jordan, EUPATI Fellow and Multiple Sclerosis patient.

More about EUPATI Open Classroom

Learners can explore content for free and only course certification through an assessment is fee-based. The EUPATI Open Classroom accessibility allows more patients and patient representatives as well as other stakeholders to learn with us from anywhere in the world.  More information here.

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