EUPATI trainings for professionals

Registrations are on-going to take part to the EUPATI Fundamentals and the new EUPATI Essentials training.

EUPATI has been providing trainings on patient engagement for professionals working in academia or the pharmaceutical industry. In this context, we are happy to launch a new serie of trainings called EUPATI Essentials, while EUPATI Fundamentals remains a valuable educational tool to be introduced to patient involvement and its basic principles.

EUPATI Fundamentals

EUPATI Fundamentals teaches basic knowledge about patient involvement with an overall introduction to standards and best practices, and a library of practical exercises. The next edition will take place in Brussels, in-person, next 7 July.

EUPATI Fundamentals is a full-day training with the following modules:

Module 1: Principles of patient engagement
Understand the reasons and benefits for patient engagement in medicines R&D

Module 2: Patient engagement roadmap
Explain the needs and time points at which patient engagement should occur in medicines R&D

Module 3: Setting up a patient engagement activity
Evaluate which types of interactions and patient profiles should be used at different stages of medicines R&D

Module 4: Quality criteria in patient engagement
Identify and address challenges when operationalising patient engagement

Interested? Registrations are still open.

EUPATI Essentials

The new EUPATI Essentials training will be piloting next 7 September, taking place online.

The Essentials Trainings serie comprises modules for professionals who already have experience with patient engagement. The content builds on the Fundamentals Training and looks at specific topics in more depth.  However, participants who have not completed the EUPATI Fundamentals training but have the relevant knowledge and experience are eligible to join.

The different modules of EUPATI Essentials can be taken independent of each other, in any order. They will be delivered online and will require 2-4 hours of participation. They will comprise presentations as well as interactive elements and allow for exchange with fellow professionals.

  • Module 1 – Establishing a successful relationship with patients
  • Module 2 – Communication and cultural differences in the relationship with patients
  • Module 3 – Patient engagement with special patient populations

Interested? Register for Module 1 now!

Download the full EUPATI Professional Trainings Brochure

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