EUPATI upgrades Open Classroom

To meet the ever-growing requirements of a sound and solid learning management system, EUPATI upgraded Open Classroom to Moodle Workplace 3.11 version.

While users will not notice a stark difference in their interface and can keep using the Open Classroom as before, there are improvements related to system’s security, compatibility with third party plugins and new features that help us to administer the site.

Mobile App

Open Classroom is now available in an app format. You can download the Open Classroom app directly to your mobile or via your Open Classroom profile.

Downloading to mobile devices directly:

If you would like to download the Open Classroom app you can download here. Alternatively, you can find the Moodle Workplace app in the app store on your device.

Open Classroom User Profile

If you prefer to access the app via the Open Classroom then follow the guide below:

  1. Login in to Open Classroom and go to your profile
  2. Scroll down to Mobile App section and click on ‘View QR code’ to download the Moodle Workplace app. Your login details are the app are the same as accessing the Open Classroom via your browser.

Download our PDF here for further information.

If you are having issues downloading or accessing the Moodle Workplace app contact

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