EUPATIConnect: Bringing EUPATI Patient Experts and researchers together

EUPATI’s newest collaborative project: EUPATIConnect!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of EUPATIConnect,  a platform that facilitates matchmaking between EUPATI Patients Experts and Researchers.

EUPATI Connect is a place where both EUPATI Patient Experts and research can build new connections, create synergies and mutually beneficial opportunities to enhance patient engagement. Thanks to a matching algorithm, researchers are able to submit their project requests online (i.e. protocol reviews, focus groups, speaking opportunities, patient advisory boards, ethical committees, regulatory processes) while EUPATI Patient Experts can log in to view, edit their profiles and indicate their availabilities to participate in various projects.


A skilled, international network.

EUPATIConnect offers a large database of EUPATI Fellows, including 200+ Patients Experts from over 100+ disease areas and over 300+ Open Classroom learners. This international network represents 39 countries and speak 35 languages besides English. EUPATI Fellows have a high level of knowledge of the medicines R&D process coupled with a high level of literacy in health and scientific terms. They are strongly motivated to partner with researchers and to provide input, advice and feedback on all aspects of the medicines R&D process.


EUPATIConnect is a unique opportunity to share knowledge and build strong connections between EUPATI Patients Experts and researchers to change the future of patient engagement.


Find out more about EUPATIConnect : 

EUPATIConnect Press Release

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