New article on Translational Medicine on the Toolbox

The EUPATI Editorial Board has updated the article on Translational Medicine, now available on the Toolbox.

The Toolbox is a free-to-use online library gathering a large panel of articles and resources on medicines R&D and patient engagement. Recently, the EUPATI Editorial Board has updated the article on Translational Medicine. It is now available to million of users.

Translational medicine is an area of biomedical research that aims to improve human health and longevity by determining the relevance to human disease of novel discoveries in the biological sciences. It is a rapidly growing discipline that is multidisciplinary in nature and links observations of adjacent fields with the aim to create novel or improved preventions, diagnoses, and treatments of disease. The article is divided into the following parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Core concept and history of translational medicine
  3. Translational medicine : a bi-directional approach
  4. A Multi-stakeholder approach
  5. Translational Science
  6. The need for translational medicine
  7. Challenges and opportunities for translational medicine
  8. Quality and reproducibility
  9. The valley of death
  10. New developments
  11. Achievements of translational medicine

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