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A new EUPATI trainings for professionals

EUPATI has been organising both online and in-person trainings about patient engagement, tailored-made for professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry and in academia.

Through the EUPATI Fundamentals, participant have been able to access a training teaching basic knowledge about patient involvement with an overall introduction to standards and best practices. The new EUPATI Essentials training builds up on the EUPA Fundamentals training and explore the topics in more depth.

The EUPATI Essentials training is divided in 3 different modules:

  • Module 1 – Establishing a successful relationship with patients
  • Module 2 – Communication and cultural differences in the relationship with patients
  • Module 3 – Patient engagement with special patient populations

The first session of Module 1 is scheduled for 7 September. It will take place online and registrations are now open here. Module 1 will focus on how to establish a successful relationship with patients. It will consist of core elements on how to develop the relationship with patients, how to manage the expectations and how to set up the right framework, with practical examples on how to identify the right patient groups and how to maintain a contact. Similar to the EUPATI Fundamentals training, it is co-designed and co-delivered by industry and patient representatives. For any questions, please contact

More information on EUPATI Essentials available here.

More information on EUPATI trainings on patient engagement for professionals available here.

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