EUPATI Open Classroom:1 Year Online – Progress in Learning Webinar

The EUPATI Open Classroom was launched almost one year ago, evolving from the former pioneer EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme. For this occasion, EUPATI will organise a webinar entitled ‘1 year online – progress in learning’ on December 15th from 13:00-14:00 CET.

This webinar will explore the EUPATI Open Classroom and provide updates on the currently available learning modules and the EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme. It is an opportunity to celebrate the progress made in the past year and thank our collaborators. Already save the date in your calendars!



Moderator: Silvia Scalabrini, EUPATI
13h00-13h05: Welcome (Cora Scholten, Bayer and Maria Dutarte, EUPATI)
13h05-13h15: EIT Health update (Jeff Wilkesmann, EIT Health)
13h15-13h25: Reflections from a EUPATI Fellow (Natacha Vaz Liti, EUPATI Fellow)
13h25-13h35: Reflections about the transformation of the EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme (Matthias Gottwald, Bayer)
13h35-13h45: New Modules: Medical Devices & Digital Health (Paula Wray, University of Oxford & Medtronic)
13h45-13h50: EUPATI Open Classroom – how does it work (Ieva Lukase, EUPATI)
13h50-13h55: Q&A
13h55-14h00: Closing remarks (Maria Dutarte, EUPATI)



Registrations are now open! Interested? Click here to register.


What is the EUPATI Open Classroom?

The EUPATI Open Classroom is a flexible, on-demand eLearning platform allowing more patients, patient representatives and other stakeholders from anywhere in the world to access expert-level training in medicines research and development (R&D). More information here and here.

The EUPATI Open Classroom is supported by the EUPATI Reload project, funded by EIT Health. EIT Health is supported by EIT, a body of the European Union

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